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About Us

Hill Fitness was established in 2013 in Dromore, County Down, Northern Ireland by father and son duo Clifford and Jamie Hill. We had humble beginnings with the initial sales being made out of a garden shed. Over the years the business has steadily grown, and Hill Fitness now proudly stock a wide range of our own brand of gym equipment. We have always aimed to cater for those taking their first steps into the gym right up to the seasoned pros. We love creating home gyms for every single one of our customers and love to see them returning over the years as they continue to upgrade their gyms.


Company Culture:

At Hill Fitness our aim has always been to provide excellent quality gym equipment to our customers at unbeatable prices. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our equipment. Having different ranges of equipment from our Home Series to our Bulletproof series makes our equipment accessible to a wide range of customers who have different levels of training experience and different budgets in mind. 

We want every customer to enjoy their experience at Hill Fitness and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. When you arrive at our showroom, Clifford or Jamie will spend time with you to help you create your perfect home gym. If you have any questions, they are best placed to give you advice, having worked closely with thousands of home gym owners.  We look forward to seeing you at our showroom.

Our company philosophy is focused on the Japanese principle of Kaizen which simply put means making continuous improvements for good. We apply this to all areas of our business, from our internal processes to product development. We are continuously improving to make sure that we create the best home gyms for our customers.


Meet the Team:


Clifford Hill

Clifford worked as a mechanic for the majority of his early career. This background in manual labour was the perfect foundation for his role at Hill Fitness. Clifford’s diverse skill set means that he is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities at Hill Fitness. You'll find him doing gym installs and any repairs required. He quality tests all of our products to ensure that our customers have a seamless process when setting up their gyms. Alongside this, Clifford coordinates the logistics of our operation from receiving deliveries to our warehouse management. 


Jamie Hill

From a young age Jamie was interested in strength and fitness. As a teenager, Jamie competed in Olympic weightlifting and won the under 17 British weightlifting title. He then went on to represent Ireland in the Celtic Nations weightlifting championship as a youth lifter. After a hiatus from weightlifting due to injury, Jamie returned in recent years and went on to win another British title at under 23 level in the 73kg weight class. Having a personal interest in strength and fitness has allowed Jamie to develop Hill Fitness products with the customer in mind, that he uses on a daily basis.


Jodie Hill

With the ongoing expansion of Hill Fitness, we employed another team member, Jodie Hill, (a prerequisite to working at Hill Fitness is the surname). Jodie’s background is in academia and business which was the perfect combination to relieve Clifford and Jamie from some of the administrative tasks involved in the business. You will find Jodie in the office, replying to customer enquiries, managing our social media and doing any administrative task you can think of. This has given Clifford and Jamie the space to focus on the ongoing expansion of the business, creating new products and dealing with increased customer demand. Jodie has been an excellent addition to the team and we look forward to her developing her role in the business as we continue to grow.



Our mission at Hill Fitness is to become the leading retailer and one stop shop in the UK and Republic of Ireland for home gyms. We have come a long way from our garden shed in 2013. We know we still have a lot to do, with commitment and constant daily improvements we know we’ll get to where we want to be. Thank you to all of our customers over the years, old and new for helping us get to where we are today. We’re excited for the future and ready to make your home gym dreams a reality!