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Bulletproof Series: 165cm Monkey Bar (Crossmember)

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Build your dream rig/rack with our Bulletproof Series Components!

Optimise your training with a solution tailored to your space & training demands.

This 165cm Monkey Bar can be used as a crossmember to attach Bulletproof Uprights to other Uprights or to secure them to the wall. The longer length makes this the perfect option for separating training bays on a large rig system, allowing enough room for 2 users to comfortably squat on either side. They also make for great pull up bars and attachment points for resistance bands or suspension trainer systems.

Dimensions L: 165cm, W: 8cm, H: 20cm
Net Weight 8kg
Finish Black Powder Coat
Fittings 4 x  Heavy Duty 12cm Long / Inch Thick Bolts with Nuts & Washers, 2 x Concrete Fixings.