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Selectabells 2.0: 2kg - 32kg Adjustable Dumbbell Pair (16 pairs in 1)

Original price £399.99 - Original price £399.99
Original price
£399.99 - £399.99
Current price £399.99

New & Improved Model with 2kg increments (as opposed to 4kg) & Laser Engraved Hill Fitness Logo

Twist the handle and select your preferred weight. Sleek and elegant design.

16 Sizes in 1!


Adjustable weight system for weight exercises. A dumbbell that can be adjusted in different steps from 2-32kg. Made from a combination of steel and plastic.

Product dimensions: 485x180x180mm

Price is for a pair of 2kg-32kg adjustable dumbbells.

Warranty voided if product misused. Not made to be dropped. Do not perform exercises where the plates are gripped instead of the handle ie skull crushers or goblet squats as this will ultimately damage the connectors between plates.