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Function Series 4 Foot Olympic Barbell with Spring Collars

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The Function Series 4 Foot Barbell is an ideal entry level barbell for any training facility. Includes a pair of spring collars. This bar is suitable for bench press, squats, dead lifts etc. It is not suitable for lifts which involve dropping the bar from overhead. 

Product Features:

  • Smooth Rotation due to High Quality Ball Bearings in Sleeve
  • Moderate Knurling
  • Compact - Ideal for Accessory Work
  • Includes a Pair of Spring Collars

Product Specification:

Length 120cm / 47"
Loadable Sleeve Length 18cm / 7"
Inside Shaft Length 81cm / 32"
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Weight 9kg
Bushings 1 x Brass Bushing in Each Sleeve
Bearings 1 x Ball Bearing in Each Sleeve
Finish Chrome