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Function Series 5 Foot Olympic Barbell with Spring Collars

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The Function Series 5 Foot Barbell is an ideal entry level barbell for any training facility. Pair of spring collars included. Suitable for use with 2" olympic plates. This bar is suitable for bench press, squats, dead lifts etc. It is not suitable for lifts which involve dropping the bar from overhead.  


Product Features:

  • Smooth Rotation due to High Quality Ball Bearings in Sleeve
  • Moderate Knurling
  • Compact - Ideal for Accessory Work
  • Includes a Pair of Spring Collars

Product Specification:

Length 153cm / 60"
Loadable Sleeve Length 23cm / 9"
Inside Shaft Length 101cm / 40"
Shaft Diameter 28mm
Weight 12.5kg
Bushings 1 x Brass Bushing in Each Sleeve
Bearings 1 x Ball Bearing in Each Sleeve
Finish Chrome